Breaking News – Busoga Chiefs may abondon kingship altogether


Since the passing of the last Busoga King in 2008 has the Busoga Kingdom in the East of Uganda been without a monarch, as every single attempt to have a new king elected by the kingdom’s chiefs so far has failed, overshadowed by wrangles, claims and counterclaims and courtcases upon courtcases. Lack of quorum, lack of the required number of chiefs’ votes, venues and dates were all featuring in the local media as reasons of failed election attempts and even the attempted intervention by President Museveni, himself a great friend of the late monarch, did yield little progress.

The latest chapter in this saga is now out in public, with the chiefs apparently and surprisingly agreeing that they would not, for the time being, elect a new king but first strengthen their respective chiefdoms in Eastern Uganda while mulling over the issue and having sufficient time to ‘consult’ with their subjects on the way forward. In fact it appears that some of the chiefs are trying to use the ‘vacuum’ to become themselves more powerful again, supported by the call of some to call a ‘general meeting’ to discuss the abolition of the kingship in favour of stronger chiefdoms. There have been quotations of legal precedence over a similar scenario earlier in the last century, when for a long time there was no king, but only time will tell how the Busoga people will react to these ongoing wrangles by their cultural leaders, who are now set to put their own interests and themselves above the good of their top institution.

Watch this space for further periodic updates.

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