Uganda breaking news – New cabinet takes shape with VP and PM appointments


President Museveni started the long awaited announcements of his new cabinet by appointing former Speaker of Parliament, the Hon. Edward Sekandi as his new Vice President after former Vice President Prof. Bukenya had tendered his resignation the day before.

Also announced was the Right Honourable Amama Mbabazi’s appointment as Prime Minister, replacing Prof. Apolo Nsibambi who had served several terms had expressed his desire to retire from active politics. Mbabazi is a party heavyweight and Secretary General of the NRM, and he beat former Vice President Prof. Bukenya in the last party elections for the position when he dealt him a humiliating blow, relegating him to third in a three way contest. Refusing advice to let go of the elective party contest weakened Prof. Bukenya’s position within the NRM and pundits took it for granted that he would not return to the VP’s position after the general elections.

Parliament will today discuss and vote on these two crucial appointments, while President Museveni’s choices for cabinet ministers and ministers of state will require full vetting by a parliamentary committee before the house votes on accepting or rejecting the individual appointees, something which has happened in the past. The tourism fraternity is particularly keen to see if indeed, as has been suggested, a new stand alone Ministry of Tourism is being created again and equally important, that a progressive and enlightened minister and minister of state will take charge to add new impetus to the portfolio which has gone asleep only to wake up for scandalous statements and irresponsible decisions then overturned in the courts of law.

The opposition also is seeking a new Leader of the Opposition as Prof. Latigo failed to make it back to parliament when he lost his bid for re-election during the February 18th general election.

With peace fully restored now in the streets of Kampala, nation building is now resuming and when the new cabinet is in place and sworn in it will all be back to normal in Uganda – The Pearl of Africa.

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