Hemingways brings a new luxury dimension to Nairobi’s hospitality scene


The increasingly growing profile of Nairobi as a premier business destination in the region has occasioned an increased demand for quality beds, fine dining and conference facilities. Hemingways Nairobi is keen on tapping into Kenya’s sustained growth in business traveler and tourism arrivals. As optimism in the country’s economic outlook continues to grow, we expect this trend to continue even further especially after the peaceful transition following the just concluded general election, which has significantly boosted investor confidence in the country. In setting up Hemingways Nairobi, our goal is not only to build an attractive building or to fill its rooms with visitors, but also to make a strategic investment which promises to produce a magnificent multiplier effect as its impact ripples through the local communities as well as Kenya’s economy. We hope, in the medium and long term, the impact will also be measured by the returns it generates for the local hospitality industry. It will also be measured in the motivating effect a successful new enterprise has on other local enterprises’said Alastair Addison, CEO of the Hemingways Collection on opening of Nairobi’s latest top end luxury hotel earlier this week. Located in the wooded suburb of Karen, not far from the Nairobi National Park and with a view to the Ngong Hills, immortalized by the Oscar winning film ‘Out of Africa’, the 45 all suite hotel indeed combines the classic setting of a superbly appointed country mansion with state of the art facilities and gourmet dining. Built at an estimated cost of more than 1.5 billion Kenya Shillings the latest kid on the block in Nairobi aims to capture both business as well as leisure travelers who demand simply the best and expect exceptional service levels, best described as bespoke.

With every suite assigned a personal butler, who according to the hotel’s management is at his client’s beck and call and is, as it should be in this day and age, accessible via iPad, guests can expect their bags to be unpacked while the enjoy a cup of Kenya’s finest tea or coffee on the terrace, enjoying the vista and to settle down from their long journey. An award winning chef will with his team provide delicacies and culinary delights matching the ambience of the hotel, offering Kenya’s freshest ingredients from Lakes and Sea and from Ranches and Farms.

Hemingways Nairobi has been admitted to be a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, which has a portfolio of some of the world’s finest small luxury independent hotels. The Small Luxury Hotels of the World is comprised of 520 hotels in more than 70 countries.

The original Hemingways was stablished 24 years ago in Watamu and is the oldest of the Hemingways collection. The resort features 76 rooms, all facing the Indian Ocean. Hemingways, true to its name, is regular host of the ILTTA World Championships, many ESPN, DSTV and SKY televised events and numerous other tournaments annually and is a focal point for aficionados from around the world who come to fish off the East African Coast.

Watamu offers some of the best fishing on the globe, being one of very few places where three major types of Marlin, Sailfish, Broadbill Swordfish and Shortbill Spearfish are found.

The group’s second property, Olseki Hemingways Mara, is located on the private 200sq km Naboisho Conservancy adjoining the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The camp features 6 luxury, supersized double tents and two family tents and provides guests with a once in a lifetime opportunity of witnessing the big wildebeest migration that has been declared one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Visit www.hemingways-collection.com for more details.

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