Briatore’s Billionaire’s Resort in Malindi set for August opening


Flavio Briatore’s 500 million Kenya Shilling investment in the Billionaire Resort will pay off when the new luxury resort in Kenya’s seaside town of Malindi will open its doors to the owners of the apartments in August this year.

Briatore, the former Renault F1 team boss before having to retire in disgrace over a staged accident at the Singapore GP in 2008, was reportedly in Malindi over the weekend to inspect progress on the new resort. Already complete are the beach restaurant, open since end December last year, and the Casino which was completed in March and work on the 24 luxury apartments and public areas is continuing at full throttle, on schedule for a mid August opening. According to media statements made by Briatore during his most recent visit, 80 percent of the units have already been sold. It is not clear if these apartments will only be occupied by the owners or if they, by arrangement with the management, can sublet them to paying guests. The sales price per apartment also appears to be a tightly guarded secret as are the identities of the buyers so far.

Briatore already owns the Lion in the Sun Resort which features only 16 luxuriously appointed bedrooms and suites and where charges start at 400 Euro for a single and 600 Euro for a double and from 700 Euros for a suite

Also open already is the Thalaspa Henry Chenot, where guests of the Lion in the Sun will be able to experience a wellness regime during their stay, complemented by tailor made menus from the kitchen team based on fresh organic ingredients, low on calories but high on taste and nutritional value. Malindi reloaded, Version 2.0 coming up, so watch this space for more news as and when available.

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  4. i like the blog..looks like an interesting vacation destination

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    Sorry W. for having to write this advice here. I like following your Aviation, Tourism and Conservation news!
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    1. Thank you Steve for reading my blog, and in
      some details it seems. This is not the only case,
      I get regular enquiries for the Boma Hotel about
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