KCAA re-certifies JKIA in accordance with ICAO requirements


The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has recently re-certified Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in accordance with guidelines issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization, in short ICAO.

The initial certification for JKIA was granted in 2008 and KAA has since been regularly inspected and issued with renewals, now a mandatory requirement by ICAO for airport operators.

Key elements in the inspection and audit process are the existence of updated manuals and of course the adherence and compliance with emphasis on safety and security management.

JKIA is currently undergoing substantial building activities to complete the new Terminal Four before embarking on the construction of a new runway and a new ‘mega terminal’ under the Project Greenfield, which is estimated to cost about 650 million US Dollars.

Notably though has JKIA not been given FAA Category One status, largely over the airports current inability to separate the passenger streams, which is aimed to keep arriving passengers hermetically apart from departing passengers. The new Terminal Four will introduce this element of added security measures when open sometime in mid 2014, at which stage the current terminals one to three will be refurbished and upgraded to meet such requirements. All of Kenya’s airports managed by KAA are subject to certification by the KCAA, which in this case acts as regulator, and extends to Mombasa, Malindi, Eldoret and Kisumu as well as aerodromes owned and managed by the Kenya Airports Authority.

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