Fastjet owes answers to Tweeps over aborted take offs


Questions asked but not answered on Twitter about an allegedly twice aborted takeoff only served to turn over the rumour mill faster about the reasons for the failure of flight FN 0163 on the 13th of May to successfully take off from Dar es Salaam’s Julius Nyerere International Airport.

The tweets below were sent but apparently ignored by FastJet’s social media managers, with no evidence that they reverted to Jerry and Yusuph or in fact made any other statement available on the incidents.

In another communication made available from regular social media source – on condition of strict anonymity over fears about ‘their attack dogs’ this additional information was received: ‘Dar – Mwz took off well till the ocean then the plane started shaking then passengers informed they were turning around. Afternoon it was taking off till the nose was up then it failed to complete its take off. Passengers were off loaded and informed there was technical problem and transferred later to another aircraft’.

Bitter medicine surely for both the paid and selfstyled mouthpieces who no doubt will fill the spam filter here again with their acid ladden utterances. Watch this space.

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