Porini / Gamewatchers launch newsletter


One of Kenya’s leading sustainable tourism businesses, Gamewatcher Safaris and Porini Safari Camps, have just announced the launch of ‘… in the Wilds …’, their dedicated e-newsletter now sent to their faithful clientele from all around the world on a monthly basis, through which a wealth of information will be shared, from extraordinary game sightings to safari tidbits and more.

Now in business for over 20 years, no mean achievement in Kenya’s competitive safari business, Gamewatchers have grown from strength to strength and have since then steadily filled their trophy cabinet with awards, recognizing their efforts to be truly green in their operations, of their camps and the safari company too. Key awards are listed below to show, just how persistent the rating of the camps and safari operations has been:

2012 – Conservancy of the Year – Ol Kinyei

2011 – Eco Rated Facility of the year – Porini Amboseli Camp

2011 – Best Tour Operator of the Year

2010 – Most Responsible Tour Operator

2009 – Eco Warrior Award for best accommodation

2008 – Best for Conservation of endangered species or protected

Gamewatchers / Porini were pioneers in establishing conservancies adjoining to key national parks and game reserves, like Amboseli and the Masai Mara, involving local landowners who have turned their back on cattle and goat rearing and have embraced tourism as the main source of their income. As a result has the vegetation recovered, have wild animals, previously either competing with cattle for food sources or being driven off by the herders, returned en masse and often days now do the conservancies hold more game than then parks themselves.

The camps, which close every year from mid April until the end of May, will reopen today, after the break has been used to carry out maintenance, refurbish where needed and spruce the camps up to shine for another year.

For more details visit www.porini.com where readers can easily sign up to receive the newsletter to their inbox every month.

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