RwandAir launches commercial flights to Accra


(Posted 02nd June)

RwandAir yesterday launched their first commercial flight from Kigali to Accra. Extending their regular flight routing to Lagos, which is being served 5 times a week already, to the capital of Ghana, the new route will further strengthen the links Rwanda has been developing with West Africa over the years.

Much of the expected traffic is thought to come from transit passengers, routing via Kigali to the entire East Africa, where the airline covers Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Entebbe, and from next month onwards also Juba. Records seen also show that the route to Dubai is much in demand from the West African destinations like Brazzaville, Libreville and Lagos, offering passengers from Accra the same options to reach the world’s biggest supermarket, the city of unlimited dreams and the city of the superlatives, Dubai.

(The RwandAir B737-800NG, second from left, moments before taxiing out for takeoff to Accra, via Lagos)

The flight left with little fanfare from Kigali, as witnessed by this correspondent, though no doubt passengers on board flying beyond Lagos to Accra, will have been treated to some special surprises. Representing RwandAir on the first service was Alice Katiti, General Manager Sales, who travelled to Accra to prepare for the formal inaugural flight, which will take place on 15th of June. Then a big party in Kigali will surely followed by a bigger one in Accra when the airline’s top management, a government delegation and invited guests are expected to travel to Accra for the celebrations.

In a related development it can also be confirmed that flights to Gisenyi remain suspended due to security concerns, until the situation across the border in Eastern Congo has sufficiently stabilized to resume safe and secure operations at Gisenyi airport.

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