Air Tanzania launches scheduled flights to Tabora


(Posted 04th June 2013

Last Saturday saw the return of Air Tanzania to Tabora, using the airline’s Bombardier Q300 aircraft on the route.

ATCL will serve the destination initially three times a week, twice nonstop from Dar es Salaam on Monday’s and Saturdays’ while the Thursday flight will route via Kigoma.

No other scheduled flights have been available between Dar, or any other airports in Tanzania for that matter, to Tabora, forcing wannabe air travelers to charter planes at substantially higher cost. Local aviation pundits have expressed their support for ATCL flying to such destinations on the domestic market, where no competition exists at present, as they can both fulfill their public mandate to offer air transport to the more remote parts of the country while charging fares which can make ends meet financially. ‘Instead of just thinking jet aircraft and eyeing places like Nairobi or Entebbe, they should seriously consider getting more turboprop aircraft and serve our secondary airports which are too small to allow jets to land. Still, there will be traffic as business people like to get from A to B faster than by bus or car. On many such routes there will be perhaps only one competitor and if TCAA sets realistic fare levels, even if there are two airlines flying they will still make money’ said a regular aviation source from Dar es Salaam. Happy landings to crews and passengers of Air Tanzania as Tabora is once again ‘connected’ by scheduled air services to the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

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  1. what time does the flight reach Dar es salaam from Tabora on saturday 21 september 2013

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