Smile Communications brings 4G LTE to Uganda


(Posted 07th June 2013)

Smile Communications yesterday evening launched Uganda’s fastest broadband network, offering a state of the art 4G LTE connection in and around Kampala. According to company sources, a rollout into key towns across the country is expected just as soon as a strong foothold has been established in the capital Kampala and the wider metropolitan area. Smile, according to the same source, has opted for the mast sharing approach, sparing themselves that major added investment and is literally renting mast space, where required, from other providers or dedicated mast owners like Eaton Towers, which recently purchased all masts from Orange Uganda and now subleases space for transmission gadgets to make better use of their assets.

Smile is using the latest technology commercially available on the market, which allows for the fastest speeds available today in Uganda. The nearest rivals are according to the Executive Director of the Uganda Communications Commission, who spoke at the launch, confined to half that speed at best while other internet providers are now left trailing in the wake of Smile with fractional speeds through USB modems or conventional routers. This development puts Uganda, alongside other Smile operations in such countries like South Africa and Nigeria, into the global top league of internet speeds.

Needless to mention has this correspondent, long suffering from the empty promises and regular network outages of literally all other ISP’s in Uganda, tossed his USB modems into the bin and installed a Smile router, to improve productivity and response times and stay connected around the clock. Powered by Smile – Now You Can, a befitting slogan already tested for the past few days and found as true as corporate commitments come. Watch this space for regular and breaking news from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

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