CNN ranks La Digue’s Grande Anse as best in the world


(Posted 09th June 2013)

The Seychelles beaches have in past years and in fact decades regularly been making it into the top league of the world’s most highly ranged beaches, in the league tables of travel magazines from around the globe and in TV travel programmes. It is no wonder therefore that CNN has just crowned the beach of Grande Anse on the island of La Digue as their top choice, when they released their annual rankings during last week.

(Picture of Grand Anse La Digue courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board)

The global news channel pronounced itself on the 100 best beaches and for aficionados of the Seychelles it comes as no surprise that even the fourth spot was taken up by another beauty spot from the archipelago, and again from the island of La Digue, this one being Anse Source d’ Argent.

Tourism stakeholders from the Seychelles expressed their delight to be once again recognized for the natural beauty of the island, the beaches and the crystal clear blue and aquamarine waters, under which another world opens to visitors who come to snorkel or dive. A regular source did in fact copy the text from the CNN website on which they published their top 100 choices and it reads like this:


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