Golden Mile project in Beau Vallon Bay area on course


(Posted 14th June 2013)

Plans to transform a key seafront section of Beau Vallon Bay, one of Mahe’s prized beach resort areas, into what has initially been called ‘The Golden Mile’ have made further progress according to a regular source from Mahe, following another stakeholder meeting during the week.

The new development, which is aimed to remodel the entire area, provide a beach promenade, a park for Seychellois as well as for tourists, secure parking and other amenities, is expected to bring the shine back on the entire area and make it more user friendly, and more safe, to walk and enjoy during day and evening hours.

Initially an idea floated by tourism stakeholders, the project swiftly brought the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry for Environment on board, as did other government bodies join hands with private sector companies who have a vested interest to see the plans succeed.

This third meeting among interested parties was reportedly the final one before a final concept paper will be brought to cabinet for discussion and approval, following which a formal process will be going underway to plan, obtain pre-requisite licenses and permits and eventually being construction to transform the area. Watch this space for updates on progress made and to learn about when the new ‘Golden Mile’ will become operational.

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