Many Tourism and Hospitality students among applicants for scholarships


(Posted 24th June 2013)

Uganda’s best endowed and without argument largest educational foundation, the Madhvani Foundation, has this year received over 1.400 applications from students seeking support for their studies, a dream only having a chance to turn into reality if chosen by the trustees of the foundation.

Long serving Chairman of the Madhvani Foundation, former Minister Henry Kyemba, has since last year retired from the position and the new Chairman Anthony Butele, has already gone on record ahead of the selection exercise now underway, saying: ‘I am honoured to be entrusted with such a pivotal role in an organisation that is doing so much to shape the socio-economic landscape of the country through supporting the growth and development of a competent and skilled talented human resource pool. We will continue to dedicate our time and resources to ensuring that students with the highest potential but without adequate financial backing receive some much needed support through a transparent selection process’. He then added: ‘It is students like these [sic; the over 1.400 who applied] that give Madhvani Foundation a sense of purpose to continue dedicating large amounts of money from year to year in order to support their education. They are all brilliant students and all they need is someone to give them a little push. We hope that this year, more students will benefit from the opportunity offered by the Foundation. Applicants will be notified of any progress in the application process through our website and successful candidates will be contacted for personal interviews in July’.

In past years have dozens of applications been approved to allow students to commence courses in the tourism and hospitality management field, or else to continue studies beyond the Bachelor degree level, ensuring that the next generation of hotel managers or tourism planners can gain the knowledge and skills needed to step up when the current generation of tourism and hospitality experts retire.

An alumni scheme keeps successful candidates and those who completed their studies in touch, with each other and with the foundation, which continues to play a significant role in Uganda’s education support system, annually dedicating over 650 million Uganda Shillings toward part and full scholarships.

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