Danielle Payet-Alis takes over from Louis D’Offay at SHTA


(Posted 25th June 2013)

Louis D’Offay, for the last 15 years the chairman of the Seychelles Hotel and Tourism Association SHTA, has during the just concluded Annual General Meeting of the archipelago’s premier private sector association retired from his position. Under his leadership over the past 15 year has the Seychelles tourism industry undergone a major reorientation and reformation and established itself as an equal partner to the public sector with key representation on the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Seychelles Tourism Academy, among other bodies where SHTA is providing private sector expertise and input.

Immediate successor, until a new board for SHTA is elected in early 2014, will be his erstwhile deputy, well known tourism personality Danielle Payet-Alis, who will continue with the proactive stance of SHTA vis a vis the country’s global marketing efforts and the ongoing repositioning of the country’s tourism academy, among many other duties where SHTA collaborates with government.

In his outgoing address did Louis stress the need to continue with the consultative processes established over the years with government bodies, to tackle pending issues like taxation, airlines, security concerns and ‘gainful employment permits’. He also called for an immediate appointment at the Seychelles Tourism Board of a Director of Marketing, a position which has remained open since the erstwhile office holder Alain St. Ange – back then seconded by the private sector to STB, rose to the position of first CEO before being appointed Minister of Tourism and Culture 15 months ago. Louis also expressed the concerns of his membership over air access between Mahe and La Reunion, following the withdrawal of flights by Air Austral, which in his words doubled the cost of a ticket as a result of having to travel via Mauritius.

Louis will according to a regular source from Mahe now concentrate with renewed vigour on his hotel business, being the owner of the renowned 5 star rated L’Archipel resort on the island of Praslin.

Having been acquainted with Louis for several years now, time for a big round of applause, a great many thank you’s for all the past interaction and all the best for the future where undoubtedly we will meet again. A warm welcome goes to Danielle, also known to this correspondent for a number of years, and who’s experience in marketing the Seychelles through Seychelles Connect, Seychelles – Resa and the Seychelles Leisure and Business Guide will no doubt bring a fresh perspective and initiatives to SHTA.

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