Mozambique Airports announce major investments in ‘new’ Nacala airport


(Posted 09th July 2013)

Emmanuel Chaves, Chairman and CEO of Airports Mozambique, aka Aeroportos de Mocambique, announced during the Routes Africa meetings that the airport of Nacala in the North of the country will be fundamentally reconstructed, expanded and upgrades, to be able to receive long haul flights, the main targets being carriers in the Far and South East. The work according to Emmanuel started in March this year and will likely be completed by the end of the year. The existing runway will be resurfaced and expanded, allowing maximum weight takeoffs for such aircraft as the B747-400 and a new apron area be added to create more space for parking of aircraft on the ground.

The terminal building too will see substantial additions and when complete will feature 16 check in counters, 16 immigration desks, 4 arrival and departure gates and two lounges each for arrivals and departures.

Emmanuel stressed the link of the airport not just to trade and commerce – a nearby airport city is in planning and will be constructed to complement airport activities – but referred to the opening up of the greater northern region of Mozambique for tourism purposes. Endless beaches await investors willing to come on board and create resorts, which could easily rival those of other, more established destinations along the seaboard of Eastern Africa, and the presence of a major airport, which allows for direct flights from tourist source countries, will undoubtedly improve the prospects of major investments coming to Mozambique in the future.

During the Routes Africa meetings did several countries announce new plans to refurbish and modernize their aviation infrastructure, among them host country Uganda, and more details on such plans and presentation to the delegates of Routes Africa can be found via

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