RwandAir’s Accra flights lead to opening of Ghanaian Consulate in Kigali


(Posted 12th July 2013)

The recent launch of direct flights from Kigali to Accra, via Lagos, by national airline RwandAir, has now resulted in the opening of a Ghanaian consulate in Kigali, strengthening diplomatic relations and improving the ease with which Rwandans can now obtain Visa.

Previously did Rwandans need to travel to Nairobi to apply for Visa at the Ghanaian embassy there and the launch of a Consulate yesterday in Kigali has eliminated extra cost and saves time for those wanting to travel to Accra.

It is a case in point however, that other African countries should reciprocate the Rwandan government’s decision to grant Visa on arrival to citizens from all member countries of the African Union, a move which has significantly aided RwandAir’s rollout across Africa, as neither transit Visa are now needed, while those wishing to stay over in Rwanda for a few days, can get their Visa at the immigration counter instantly.

Ghana’s Consul in Rwanda, Dennis Karera, will no doubt be a busy man to sign Visa approvals for his fellow Rwandans now that his offices are operational and RwandAir will be a beneficiary as travelers can now book their flight with them and get their Visa approved on the same day.

In a related development has RwandAir attended the just concluded Routes Africa meetings in Kampala, represented by Senior Manager Sales Alice Katiti, who held a number of bilateral and multilateral discussions with other airline executives to explore ways and means to have more airlines fly more often to Rwanda. RwandAir it was learned at the meetings, has also applied for 5th freedom rights between Entebbe and Juba, though that decision is presently pending following further discussions between the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, South Sudan’s aviation authorities and other stakeholders with an interest in this particular route.

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