Seychelles Tourism revamps ‘Seychelles Secrets’ link on their website


(Posted 12th July 2013)

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As often demonstrated here, emphasis on demonstrated and not just stated, does the Seychelles islands also offer a very affordable component of holidays, besides the of course much better known high end, 5 star resorts of global acclaim, for which the archipelago is best known. ‘Affordable Seychelles’ is very much a reality, for those who know how to go about it using self catering establishments like the Chalets d’Anse Forbans, B&B’s, guest houses or holiday villas. Apartments, right on a beach like for instance the Pied dans L’Eau where a restaurant, for those too lazy to cook, offers breakfast, lunch, tea and supper offer another option and across the islands is privately owned accommodation available for as low as 30 Euros a night during the off season.

The Seychelles Tourism Board has now re-emphasized that promoting their ‘Seychelles Secrets’ remains a key element of promoting locally owned businesses at trade fairs abroad and a look at will affirm that indeed budget holidays are on offer as are guest houses, selfcatering establishments and small hotels featured there. Elsia Grandcourt, the outgoing CEO of Seychelles Tourism, while attending the Routes Africa meeting in Uganda earlier in the week, where she collected the coveted Routes Africa Best Destination Marketing Award, said: ‘The Seychelles Secrets’ portfolio of accommodation establishments is an important component of our tourism as it makes the full Seychelles holiday experience accessible to people travelling on a budget and in search of authentically Creole lodging offering great value to money and I encourage more establishments to register to join Seychelles Secrets and benefit from the added marketing clout that the portfolio provides’. Travellers from Africa, who need no Visa to enter the Seychelles though a Yellow Fever inoculation certificate may be required, often opt for the more affordable options of accommodation when visiting the Seychelles but even tourists from further abroad nowadays more frequently purchase their airfare when special promotions are on the market and then use the Seychelles Tourism Board’s website to seek out affordable accommodation to tailor make their own package.
Take aways across the islands offer great Creole food at amazingly affordable prizes, like less than 5 US Dollars for a lunch box filled to the brim and local restaurants serving local dishes are more than pleased to see tourists come to their establishments and eat a meal while sitting next to Seychellois people. ‘A bus fare only costs 5 rupees per trip no matter how many stops one travels with the bus. Busses are quite safe and operate from dawn to early evening. From most locally owned guest houses or B&B’s a bus stop is just a short distance away for those who prefer to travel the local way across the island. Taxis are available but of course much more expensive, so this is a perfect way to explore Mahe or Praslin. You still see the same beaches, the same marine parks, the same attractions like others of our visitors who spend top dollar for top quality. Budget visitors are as much welcome to the Seychelles as are millionaires. We have offers for every market segment now. A full list of such Seychellois owned places is available on the STB website and all those show are fully licensed and they are regularly inspected to ensure quality standards, even basis ones, are maintained’ added another source from Mahe.

Way to go Seychelles, which truly is and remains Another World.

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