Kenya Airways adds fourth flight to Mahe till end August


(Posted 21st July 2013)


Kenya Airways has with immediate effect added a fourth weekly frequency between Nairobi and Mahe, making one of the world’s most fancied destinations even easier to get to.

Operating, depending on demand on a particular flight, with the Embraer E190, the B737-700 NG or on occasions even the B737-800NG, the added flight now offers passengers connections on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, ideal for a short vacation to celebrate a special event, anniversary or birthday for instance.

Demand for the islands has risen in past years especially from the African mainland, supported by the visitor friendly policy of the Seychelles of not needing any Visa. All tourists require is a confirmed hotel booking, which can be done via where options from the poshest villas to the simplest Bed & Breakfast area available, a return ticket and sufficient funds to sustain the stay. Visitors from Africa arriving with Kenya Airways also require a valid Yellow Fever inoculation certificate. The introduction of Tourism Ambassadors in many African countries has also helped to get the Seychelles into the local media, resulting in growing interest and rising demand.

Besides the glitz and glamour of the archipelago, which indeed draws the rich and famous of this world to the islands, the Seychelles Tourism Board also has on offer the Seychelles Secrets which feature many locally owned small hotels, resorts, holiday lets, Bed & Breakfast and self catering establishments, all more than happy to take care of visitors from the mainland travelling to the archipelago on a budget, while the 5 and 6 star rated resorts equally welcome those travelling with plenty of cash at hand for that holiday of a lifetime.

Alain St. Ange, Minister for Tourism and Culture, hailed the decision and attributed the addition of the extra flight, initially until end of August but hopefully made a permanent feature in the future, to the efforts of the Kenya Airways country manageress Mrs. Zakiya Vidotwho, who in turn wrote that the efforts of the Seychelles Tourism Board to market the islands across the African network of Kenya Airways was a deciding factor in the airline’s decision to add a fourth flight.

We now have the mix of aircraft available to fly to Mahe more often. The range and comfort of the Embraer E190 has made this possible, together with risen demand. The larger Boeings can now be redeployed to other destinations which warrant larger aircraft but when needed still fly to the Seychelles. Seychelles Tourism has made headways in marketing twin centre holidays with selected African countries, Kenya included, and that will allow passengers coming from our African network and from Europe with KQ to do a safari in Kenya or Tanzania or see the gorillas in Rwanda and then have their beach holiday on Mahe or Praslin or any of the other islands’ said a regular source close to Kenya Airways from Nairobi when asked to shed some light on the development. Minister St. Ange meanwhile in a communication to this correspondent earlier today added: ‘We appreciate the support by Kenya Airways. [They] have been a loyal and trusted partner through thick and thin. We value [their] presence in the list of our favoured airlines and assure [them] of our total support. We hope that this seasonal flight will be repeated again later in the year when our busy period comes’.

In need of a getaway? Wanting to impress a loved one? Remember that the Seychelles truly are Another World.



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