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(Posted 26th July 2013)

Seychelles Festival Kreol

As the Seychelles are gearing up towards the Feast of Assumption on 15th of August, a unique celebration of Christian traditions on the island of La Digue, has the Seychelles Tourism Board already launched the 2013 promotional poster for the Festival Kreol, coming up during the last week of October.

The La Digue Feast of Assumption is an annual event, which has in recent years gained greater prominence as the Seychelles’ tourism gurus have looked at all aspects of how to promote the archipelago better abroad, highlighting their cultural background, music, poetry, sports – like the Ecomarathon or the Seychelles Regatta – beyond the sun, sand and sea for which the country is of course best known. Celebrating heritage and culture, both elements deeply engrained in Seychellois’ society, and turning events into tourism attractions, has brought more visitors to the archipelago than ever before.

Seychelles Feat of La Digue

Seychelles’s capital of Victoria, known also as the capital of the Kreol world, will be at the heart of the Kreol Festival which will take place between 25th and 31st of October, during which song, dance and poetry, but also art at large will be featuring on the main island of Mahe.

Meanwhile has the Ministry of Tourism and Culture started to finetune preparations for the end of the year festivities, kickstarted through a meeting with Seychelles’ best musical performers and choirs to launch a memorable ‘Christmas with the Stars’ programme aimed to entertain both Seychellois and their tourist visitors over the festive end of year season.

Much to look forward to  for sure and as always Seychelles, truly Another World. 

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