Safarilink’s move to new ‘all under one roof’ premises at Wilson aimed to maintain market leadership


(Posted 30th July 2013)

Safarilink, Kenya’s premier safari airline operating out of Wilson Airport, will next week commence their move from their present offices at the ALS building to a location nearer the main gate, where they will progressively, throughout the month of August, consolidate their main offices, check in and passenger boarding and de-boarding in one single location.

Regular travellers know that most airlines operating from Wilson check in their passengers at their own office location, but then need to use the official government operated security check point and single gate, where during the peak times of the day there is often no space for sitting down, perhaps not even for falling down, so tightly are passengers standing while they wait for their flight to be boarded. This involves extra taxiing for aircraft, the driving around for both departing and connecting passengers from the check in to the security gate, which is inconvenient for travellers and the airline personnel alike and costs extra money, something in today’s aviation environment a commodity of limited supply.

Safarilink therefore decided to invest in expanding and consolidating their facilities, which will bring all aspects of their operation under one single roof over the next few weeks, starting around the 12th of August. When the approved baggage and personnel scanning machines will have been delivered by the manufacturers and installed, those will then be operated by a joint team of government airport security and Safarilink security, allowing for the check in and boarding of passengers from one location, no further drives required but a short walk out on the apron and to the waiting aircraft, or in case of arriving and transit passengers an equally short walk into the lounge.

The new facilities will offer passengers a cafeteria, clean changing and rest rooms and sufficient space to sit down. This will give Safarilink a competitive advantage over those other airlines at Wilson whose passengers continue to be processed through the common security and departure gate and subjected to the crowded surrounds before finally being able to board and fly away. Visit for more details on the scheduled destinations across Kenya and Tanzania, from the coast to the parks and, by charter at least, into the entire region.

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