Kenya Airways’ Masai Mara Marathon just two months away


(Posted 08th August 2013)

Registration is now open for participants wanting to run in the Kenya Airways Masai Mara 2013 Marathon, which is due to unfold on the 05th of October.

Participants have several options where to stay overnight, booked directly at some of Kenya’s finest in the conservancies and the reserve but also using the organizer’s camps set up for the purpose.

Self catering camping fees start at 3.000 Kenya Shillings a night, at a secured camp ground while those seeking a bit of more creature comfort can opt either for the KQ Chui Village, at a cost of 12.000 Kenya Shillings a night or for the fancy KQ Premier World Camp, which will set one back by 75.000 Kenya Shillings a night.

The first, inaugural Masai Mara Marathon was held in November 2009 with a total of 352 participants registering; 214 took part in the 5km race while 138 participated in the 21km.

Organized by the Masai Mara Marathon Ltd, the Rotary Club of Nairobi and Kenya Airways, the highlight of the marathon has been its ability to bring together legendary Kenyan Olympian runners through the National Association of Kenya Olympians (NAKO), prepared to mentor young upcoming athletes. This is a partnership project between the Kenya Olympians and the organizers aimed at benefiting the community.

The Masai Mara Marathon’s setting will combine the allure of the Masai Mara and adjoining conservancies and the fame of Kenya’s running tradition and spirit to attract local and international participants.

The annual marathon is a charity event aimed to raise funds for the Lemek Conservancy Community to address shortages in education facilities, access to medical services, improvement of sanitation utilities and provision of clean drinking water to its residents. All in all, an event well worth attending and by keeping fit benefitting others in much need.

Kenya Airways Marathon

Details on how to register are available on a dedicated website KQ-MasaiMaraMarathon or by phone between 09.30 and 16.00 hrs on work days to this number: +254729244022

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