SHTA elects new Chairman


(Posted 09th August 2013)

Following the departure of long serving chairman Louis D’Offay a few weeks ago, who desired since last year to step down from the helm of the archipelago’s tourism private sector body, has – following an interim period presided over by Daniella Payet-Alis – a new permanent chairman been elected into office.

John Stravens, who works at the Sunset Group as Director of Finance, will be leading the private sector body together with other newly or re-elected board members.

Mr. John Stravens – elected as new Chairman of SHTA
An accountant by profession, Mr. Stravens has worked in the tourism industry for many years, both locally and internationally. He has been actively involved with the Association in various capacities in the past. Currently, he is the Projects and Finance Director for the Sunset Group.

Ms. Kate Carolus – elected as Board Secretary

Kate’s previous responsibilities have included those of Director of Marketing and Director of International Relations at the Department of Tourism in the late eighties.

Following several years in key positions in the DMC business in Dubai and heading the marketing of Denis Island, she is now contributing towards the advancement of the Seychelles tourism industry as a marketing consultant.

Mr. Alfred Fourcroy – elected as ordinary member
Mr. Fourcroy is a prominent 51-year-old businessman now living in Seychelles. He heads several tourism & hotel related companies as CEO/ Partner – ISPC Seychelles,La Plage Restaurant, Refrigeration Systems Seychelles, ISPC Supermarket Fresh Beau Vallon & Baie Ste. Anne, Praslin).

Mr. Eddie d’Offay – elected as ordinary member
Holding the position of GM at Mason’s Travel almost a decade, Eddie also has experience in the airline industry having held management positions at Air Seychelles.

Ms. Sherin Naiken – elected as Ex-Officio member

Ms. Naiken is the new CEO of STB having previously headed the SIB for four years whereby she has been instrumental in broadening the marketing arm of the board and raised the Seychelles’ profile internationally as an investment destination. Sherin has also done a short stint as Principal Secretary of the Tourism & Culture ministry.

Existing members of the board of SHTA are:
Mrs. Daniella Payet-Alis – stays on as Vice-Chairperson

Mr. Jean-Paul Barallon – remains as Treasurer
Mr. Paul Hodoul – Ordinary member
Mr. Amit Wasserberg – Ordinary member
Mr. Alan Mason – Ordinary member

Mr. Freddy Karkaria – Ordinary member
Mr. Guy Savy – Ordinary member – absent at the meeting (overseas)
Mr. Achim Leiss – Ordinary member – absent at the meeting (overseas)

The newly elected chairman wasted no time to make his official inaugural visit to the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St. Ange, to discuss a number of pressing issues and agree on future meeting dates and the agenda, the private sector intends to discuss with government. The two sides, in an exemplary partnership, have in the past met at least once a month in a formal setting and often in between, formally and informally, to tackle matters arising where either government was asked to intervene or the private sector was called upon to rally their membership in dealing with pending issues.

Said Minister St. Ange after the meeting in a media release sent to this correspondent: ‘The Ministry of Tourism and Culture values the support of the private sector and the Ministry remains conscious that its ongoing successes in the continued growth in visitor arrival numbers is the result of unity in the industry, and because of the spirit of togetherness in marketing approaches. Today it is the private sector who controls the Marketing Committee of the Tourism Board. This approach of involvement of the private sector at the level of decisions will be maintained because the Government believes in public / private sector initiatives. We want to assure you, Mr. Stravens and your Committee of our total cooperation as we work together for the benefit of the Seychelles Tourism Industry’.

In his response Mr. Stravens said: ‘Today we have brought out a list of what we see as challenges as the industry. We are willing to continue to develop a strong working partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and with the Tourism Board and we shall also steer our industry to work even closer together and help Seychelles consolidate its tourism industry’.

Congratulations to the new chairman John Stravens and his newly elected board members and once again a fond thank you and fare thee well to Louis D’Offay for his past support and assistance through SHTA in highlighting the archipelago’s private sector position on all matters concerning tourism.

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