Kenya Airways shifts international flights back to Unit 2


(Posted 22nd August 2013)

Kenya Airways has just confirmed that they have started to move their international departures back to Unit 2, which has been made operational again following a devastating fire two weeks ago. The airline has issued a statement also informing passengers of slight changes in departure times to be able to process flights in a more traveler friendly way.

In the following the full statement is shown for the benefit of readers and those who are now travelling with Kenya Airways on their international and regional flights:

Kenya Airways is pleased to announce that our international departure operations will all be

consolidated into Unit 2 with effect from tomorrow, Thursday, August 22, 2013. Kenya

Airways code-share partners and customer airlines will also process departing passengers from

unit 2. Consequently, the other airlines which were operating from Unit 2 will move to Unit 3.

We wish to apologize in advance to our Premier World, business class and Skyteam Elite card

holders on the lack of lounge capacity. We have plans in place to remedy this situation in the

near future.

Domestic departures and arrivals will continue to be handled at the cargo terminal whereas

Kenya Airways’ international arrivals, incorporating KLM and partner/customer airlines,

continue to be handled at a tented facility at the Presidential Pavilion. Transfer processes

remain the same.

Meanwhile, we are also pleased to announce that we have rescheduled our international

flights for the period August 22-31 to enhance connectivity. The time difference varies between

10 minutes and 1 hour 10 minutes. The full schedule of changes is as follows:

Kenya Airways Schedule Update

Flights Rescheduled effective 22nd August 2013

Southern Africa

Al Fl No Origin Destination Day of Operation STD STA Comment

KQ 756 Nairobi Antananarivo Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 08:45 12:05 10min later departure

KQ 757 Antananarivo Nairobi Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 12:55 16:15

KQ 716 Nairobi Gaborone Mon, Thu 21:35 00:50 +1 1hr later departure

KQ 717 Gaborone Nairobi Tue, Fri 01:50 07:00

KQ 700 Nairobi Harare Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun 09:00 11:00 10min later departure

KQ 701 Harare Nairobi Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun 11:50 15:55

West & Central Africa

Al Fl No Origin Destination Day of Operation STD STA Comment

KQ 554 Nairobi Kinshasa Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 08:30 10:00 5min later departure

KQ 555 Kinshasa Nairobi Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 11:05 16:35

KQ 550 Nairobi Brazzaville Mon, Wed, Fri 09:25 11:05 10min later departure

KQ 550 Brazzaville Kinshasa Mon, Wed, Fri 11:55 12:40

KQ 550 Kinshasa Nairobi Mon, Wed, Fri 13:30 19:15

KQ 542 Nairobi Lagos Mon, Thu, Sat 18:00 21:20 25min later departure

KQ 542 Lagos Cotonou Mon, Thu, Sat 22:10 22:50

KQ 542 Cotonou Nairobi Mon, Thu, Sat 23:40 07:15 +1

KQ 526 Nairobi Yaoundé Tue, Wed, Sun 08:55 10:55 1hr 10min later departure

KQ 527 Yaoundé Nairobi Tue, Wed, Sun 11:45 17:45

KQ 520 Nairobi Abidjan Mon, Thu, Sat 09:05 12:10 20min later departure

KQ 520 Abidjan Dakar Mon, Thu, Sat 13:00 15:50

KQ 521 Dakar Abidjan Mon, Thu, Sat 16:40 19:30

KQ 521 Abidjan Nairobi Mon, Thu, Sat 20:20 05:55 +1

East Africa

Al Fl No Origin Destination Day of Operation STD STA Comment

KQ 470 Nairobi Kigali Daily 07:50 08:20 5min later effective Sep 13

KQ 471 Kigali Nairobi Daily 09:10 11:40

KQ 460 Nairobi Bujumbura Daily 08:35 09:15 15min later effective Sep13

KQ 461 Bujumbura Nairobi Daily 10:05 12:40

KQ 410 Nairobi Entebbe Daily 08:00 09:15 5min later departure

KQ 411 Entebbe Nairobi Daily 10:05 11:15

Northern Africa

Al Fl No Origin Destination Day of Operation STD STA Comment

KQ 408 Nairobi Djibouti Fri 23:30 02:05 +1 1hr later departure

KQ 408 Djibouti Addis Sat 02:55 04:10

KQ 408 Addis Nairobi Sat 05:10 07:15

KQ 406 Nairobi Addis Sat, Sun 23:25 01:35 +1 1hr later departure

KQ 406 Addis Djibouti Sun, Mon 02:25 03:45

KQ 406 Djibouti Nairobi Sun, Mon 04:35 07:15

KQ 344 Nairobi Khartoum Mon, Wed, Sat 23:55 02:45 10min later departure

KQ 345 Khartoum Nairobi Tue, Thu, Sun 04:20 07:15


Al Fl No Origin Destination Day of Operation STD STA Comment

KQ 600 Nairobi Mombasa Daily 06:15 07:15 15min later departure

KQ 601 Mombasa Nairobi Daily 07:55 08:55

KQ 604 Nairobi Mombasa Daily 09:45 10:45 15min later departure

KQ 605 Mombasa Nairobi Daily 11:25 12:25

KQ 608 Nairobi Mombasa Daily 13:15 14:15 15min later departure

KQ 609 Mombasa Nairobi Daily 14:55 15:55

KQ 612 Nairobi Mombasa Daily 16:25 17:25 15min later departure

KQ 613 Mombasa Nairobi Daily 18:05 19:05

KQ 621 Mombasa Nairobi Daily 07:00 08:00 15min later departure

For more information, please visit the Kenya Airways website or

contact the Kenya Airways contact centre on; Tel: +254 711024747, +254 734104747, +254 706999999

or +254 020 3274747

Face book:

Twitter: @KenyaAirways

Mbuvi Ngunze

Chief Operating Officer

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