First charges being prepared over JKIA fire


(Posted 24th August 2013)

Information is coming in from Nairobi that an initial 6 individuals have been singled out for charges to be brought against them in connection with the massive fire which swept two and a half weeks ago through Kenya’s and the region’s most important airport, Jomo Kenyatta International.

At least five of those have been identified, after extensive questioning by detectives and other security experts as having failed to act when they spotted the fire first, contributing to the rapid spread which eventually destroyed the entire arrivals hall, offices above and shops, banks and other service providers.

From details received it seems that CCTV footage helped to identify the 5 as checking on the source where the smoke came from before walking away without raising either a fire alarm or else using nearby fire extinguishers or hoses. If found correct, and proven in court, they could face lengthy prison terms and dismissal from their employment. It could not be ascertained with any form of certainty what charges may be brought against the 6th individual though it was mentioned that more may yet face charges when the final report on the fire is completed and submitted to government by mid next week. What has now also been firmly laid to rest were the ludicrous suggestions by small sections of the media at the time that terrorism could have been involved, with their headlines now exposed as cheap attention seeking and poor but sensational reporting, bare of any resemblance with reality yet potentially highly damaging to Kenya’s tourism industry.

Watch this space for more breaking news.

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