SKAL’s regional fellowship gets top prizes from KQ and the Rembrandt Hotel & Towers


(Posted 24th August 2013)

The Skal regional weekend, hosted by the Skal Club of Kenya Coast, will celebrate the 12th anniversary of Kenya’s second club, which emerged from combining at the time Mombasa and Kenya Coast.

Skal members from Nairobi and Kampala have been invited to attend the long weekend of 20th to 22nd September, and Diani’s finest resort, the Leopard Beach Resort and Spa, has availed very special rates to attendees to bring as many Skalleagues as possible together for the celebration.

Kenya Airways has already offered a special deal on air from Nairobi to Mombasa and also from Kampala to Mombasa and it is understood that Air Uganda too, flying direct from Entebbe to Mombasa, is considering a similarly reduced fare.

The resort is preparing for a feast for the Saturday night gala dinner, where it will proverbially snow food and rain drink – most of the liquids sponsored too – to create the right atmosphere combining a warm tropical night, the sound of the surf from the beach and hospitality galore.

Skal meetings are normally affairs with lots of good raffle prizes and door prizes available, generously donated by member’s companies but the top prize on this event surely must be categorized as truly outstanding.

Kenya Airways has put up 2 business class tickets to Bangkok as the top prize, and for those who know Skal member Eric Hallin from the Bangkok Skal Club it is no surprise that he has come on board to offer 5 nights at the Rembrandt Hotel and Towers, where he is the General Manager, including access to the hotel’s executive lounge where guests have access 24 / 7 to drinks, snacks and light meals ‘on the house’.

If ever there was a reason to join the merry band of Skalleagues at the Leopard Beach Resort in four weeks time, this surely must be it. Skal to All …

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