Uganda’s tourism sector to celebrate World Tourism Day in Fort Portal


(Posted 26th August 2013)

Uganda will this year hold the annual World Tourism Day celebrations on the 27th of September in the upcountry town of Fort Portal, itself a tourism destination. Seat of the Toro Kingdom, Fort Portal is located on the foot of the mighty Rwenzori Mountains, aka Mountains of the Moon – one of the 10 national parks found in Uganda.

In addition the Semliki – Toro Game Reserve is easily accessible as is the slightly more distant Semliki National Park. Kibale Forest National Park too is within reach to do day trips from Fort Portal and the crater lakes which dot the landscapes around Fort Portal have seen such posh resorts like the Ndali Lodge spring up and take root.

Tourism and Water – Protecting our Common Future’ is this year’s theme and relevant like few others for the Fort Portal area and the wider region around the Rwenzori Mountains, as they all depend on water sources originating inside the national park or from the higher up glacier fields.

Global warming already shows in Uganda. The glaciers have melted away and there are now several kilometres or rock fields climbers must cross before they get to the ice again. When the Italians climbed the mountains for the first time over 100 years ago, they left us with photographic evidence and records of the glaciers extent. Today it is a very different picture and unless we can halt global warming, there will be a big problem coming up for future generations’ said a regular source close to the tourism ministry in Kampala when confirming that the who is who in tourism will be heading to Fort Portal for the event. Watch this space.

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  1. Uganda is naturally given the artificial wonders are even not given a lot of concern mainly because of competition from a lot of natural aspects.

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