Career Institute graduates more than 300


(Posted 27th August 2013)

The British Airways Uganda Country Manager Ms. Faith Chaitezvi was guest of honour last weekend when the Career Institute, one of Uganda’s leading private sector aviation and tourism training institutions, graduated over 300 students, awarding them a range of certificates and diplomas, including the coveted IATA course certificates.

The Career Institute is currently the only such institution recognized by IATA and therefore able to teach and examine students who wish to advance their careers in the travel agency, airline and cargo business.

Faith, when addressing the students at the function held at the Grand Imperial Hotel, said to them: ‘As graduates, you should realize that your responsibilities have gone a notch higher which comes with greater challenges. These challenges can only be addressed with a proactive mind, something that you may forget immediately you have received the certificates’ before going on to highlight the need for a positive attitude towards work that should be kept in mind if one was looking to succeed. She in particular said: ‘Many students despise small and petty jobs that come their way hoping to have bigger jobs in bigger offices, forgetting that the people in those offices started from somewhere’.

Institute Director Mrs. Vassy Rutagira is seen in the picture below looking on as Ms. Faith Chaitezvi is handing over course diplomas to graduates


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