Countdown is ticking towards October 06th for Kampala Fete


(Posted 27th August 2013)

Kampaleans are counting down the weeks now, with just 5 ½ weeks to go until the second Kampala City Festival will take place. Launched first a year ago in the run up to the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Independence from Britain in 1962, the ‘uptake’ and impact of the event had city planners and civil society immediately embark on preparing for a ‘Reload Version 2.0’ for 2013, and by the look of it and going by all accounts received from those involved in the preparation of the day long fete, there will be better things to come yet for the second edition of what is promising to become an annual event from now on in Kampala.

The city’s ‘Matron’, NO PUN INTENDED, Executive Director Jennifer Musisi, has been seen promoting the event and making public appearances with key players in the event, all gearing up towards the big day when the City of Kampala can showcase itself from the sunniest side for locals and visitors alike.

Nearer to the date will a full programme be published here with details on events, performers and locations across the city, so as usual, Watch This Space.

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