Kigali launches new city transport system today


(Posted 30th August 2013)

The City of Kigali will today launch their new public transport system. Three tender winning transport companies will operate their busses across four different ‘zones’ spread over the city while the central business district is the only area accessed by all bus companies. The three operators, now holding a 5 year contract, are obliged to offer services every day, irrespective of workdays, weekends or public holidays from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.

The new system is aimed to decongest the city and provide reliable services for residents but also visitors wanting to use public transport as opposed to the more expensive use of taxis.

It could not be ascertained however if the international airport will be part of the destinations offered by the three bus companies, though all the main bus parks, in particular the one where long distance busses across Rwanda and into the wider region like Uganda begin and end their journeys, are ‘connected’ to the new city bus routes. Rwanda, once more taking the lead – well done.

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