Eden Island gets Eden Casino


(Posted 03rd September 2013)

The Seychelles’ man made marina, resort and residential island, Eden Island, now has another feather in its cap after the opening last weekend of Eden Casino.

Eden Island www.edenisland.sc has made the proverbial waves across the Seychelles when the idea was first floated, attracted a fair amount of opposition and, after complying with a range of regulatory requirements as a result of a details EIA eventually took shape. Today it is used as a template to build similar resort and marina complexes across other Indian Ocean islands but also on the African mainland, where for instance Mombasa’s English Point Marina and Resort is seen as being inspired by the success of the Seychelles example.

Developed in stages have residents and businesses moved on to the artificial island, but no one today would be for the wiser to even doubt that Eden would not originally have been a natural island, so convincing are the beaches which have been created.

Eden is also the main focal point for regattas organized by the Seychelles, drawing crowds of spectators and competitors to the archipelago every time.

The opening of the new casino, now the largest in the islands, marks the continued efforts by Eden’s management to add more services and attractions for residents and guests, many of whom now come to Victoria to hire a yacht or sailboat, moored outside their villa or residence, be it rented for a few weeks or owned and then enjoy the freedom of the seas around the archipelago.

The new venture is entirely Seychellois owned, a further testament to government’s efforts to empower citizens to claim a share of the growing tourism cake, create jobs and take greater charge of the country’s economy. Guest of Honour was the Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment Pierre Laport who opened the complex last Saturday night in the presence of other government officials, Eden Island residents and invited guests.

Something new to discover for regular visitors to the archipelago and may Lady’s Luck shine on you.

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  1. hy, i look forward to send my application to this new casino but I can’t found any website or other, i searched since yesterday, unsucessfully.can you help please ?

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