Kenya’s National Treasury advertises for consulting services for JKIA hotel and new Mombasa bridge


Posted 05th September 2013)

Kenya’s national treasury has earlier this week publicly advertised some major infrastructure projects, among them the planned hotel at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and a second bridge from the island of Mombasa to the northern mainland.

Both projects, as well as others listed, are to be undertaken in a public private partnership to reduce the cost for the government and to speed up project implementation. The first stage will be consultancy services before the projects can take off and eventually mature.

The second bridge in Mombasa has for long been overdue to create another traffic outlet and reduce the traffic jams though there are some issues now over the route of the access roads to and from a new bridge location as much of the land in the access area of the old pontoon bridge has since been sold, title deeds issues, buildings erected including the Tamarind Village, a high end apartment, condominium and resort complex.

Owners in the potential path of access roads and bridge heads have already vowed to take the matter to court, signaling a potential delay for the new bridge of several years.

In regard of the proposed hotel at JKIA it could in the short time available not be ascertained if this is the same project which Kenya Airways has indicated of pursuing, as the national airline too wants to build their own hotel at or near the airport. Watch this space.

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