Turkish commits to go from 5 to 6 to daily in Entebbe


(Posted 07th September 2013)

Turkish Airlines has confirmed that they are now set to move from their present 5 flights a week to 6, come 27th of October, before moving to daily flights on 14th of November.

The airline presently flies 5 times a week from Istanbul to Entebbe via Kigali and growing demand, combined with the availability of additional new aircraft, has influenced the airline’s decision to go daily before the end of the year. ‘Ugandan travelers today expect a choice of daily flights to be flexible when leaving or returning. Turkish has recognized that trend and they will surely reap the benefits from the market. It also shows how airlines now value the Ugandan market because only the other day did BA also announce they will add a fourth flights. But ultimately it is daily what matters to my clients and those airlines flying only three or four times just are at a disadvantage’ commented a regular source from within the travel agency fraternity.

Turkish is a member of Star Alliance and has in recent years emerged from stealth mode, under which they grew into one of the world’s largest airlines to more actively and publicly promote their services. The airline now flies to some 40 domestic destinations and nearly 200 international destinations rivaling if not outdoing many of the legacy carriers. Turkish has a special interest in Africa where by next year they intend to serve 40 destinations across the continent.

The present hub at the Ataturk International Airport will in a few years move to a brand new and substantially larger airport where the Turkish national airline can then fully accommodate their fleet and in particular provide the all important state of the art facilities for their fastest market segment, transit passengers, who fly with them from their point of origin to their final destination.

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