44 days to the Zanzibar Fashion Week


(Posted 10th September 2013)

Fashion events across Eastern Africa have gained greater prominence in recent years, and regional as well as local event have drawn the spotlight on the creativity which can be found among local fashion designers who proudly include and feature local fabrics, colours and emblems to thrill fashion aficionados. In fact, fashion shows and fashion week like the Swahili Fashion Week or the Nairobi Fashion Week are becoming tourism attractions in their own right as more and more visitors in country at the time take the opportunity to spend an evening attending these events, tipped off by their safari operators or the concierge at their hotel when asking ‘what to do tonight’.

The Zanzibar Fashion Week, a brain child of Javed Jafferji, Farokh Abdalla and Adnan Abbas, is one such event which has taken root and which keeps gaining in popularity. Side events like a Dhow race, a film festival and fashion workshops are supplemented by added activities like model casting, merchandise presentations and the all important, some say most important fashion parties ahead and during the event.

For more information on the event programme, the locations, the designers, the models and so much more visit www.zanzibarfashionweek.com where one can also sign up for regular mailings of newsletters and breaking news.

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