Mango doubles Zanzibar flights


(Posted 10th September 2013)

Mango, one of South Africa’s low cost carriers, will be adding a second weekly flight from Johannesburg to Zanzibar, it was just learned. Mango will in fact be moving from their present format of a charter operation to scheduled operations, effective 21st of September.

Announced here at the time that Mango was launching flights from South Africa to the Spice Island of Zanzibar, this latest development is good news for the Zanzibar tourism sector, which has of late been wrestling with some negative publicity and been working hard to promote holidays to the island, where a number of new resorts have been opened or are going to open soon, adding more beds to the market.

It is understood from a reliable source in Tanzania that the TCAA has in fact granted traffic rights to Mango for as many as three scheduled flights a week between South Africa and Tanzania, and plans are already afoot, subject to satisfactory loadfactors for the two flights, to add a third one over the upcoming end of year high season, for at least December and January.

The source also confirmed that Mango was granted additional traffic rights to commence at some point in the future flights to Kilimanjaro, though at this moment in time no concrete plans could be ascertained to begin operations any time soon. Watch this space for breaking as well as regular news from East Africa’s vibrant aviation scene.

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