Yellow Fever Inocculation update from ATTA

Atta Memo: Yellow Fever Update

From Atta Medical Advisor Dr Richard Dawood

The manufacturer (SPMSD) has announced that Yellow Fever vaccine supply problems will continue into the New Year. This is bound to have a significant impact for travel to Africa, since they are the sole manufacturer of the vaccine, globally.

Atta members with clients travelling to Africa over the Christmas period may be especially impacted: clients should be encouraged to plan their vaccines early rather than leaving things to the last minute. The shortage will inevitably deepen over the coming weeks, since no new stocks are being produced.

As far as my own practice is concerned, the Fleet Street Clinic does still have stock, at least for the time being. We are happy to help (and we also may sometimes be able to offer a call-out service for families and VIP clients) but it will be essential for everyone to plan ahead.

More information here.

Yellow Fever vaccination in Nigeria

Members should also be aware that the Nigerian authorities are cracking down on fake yellow fever certificates. Nigerian yellow fever certificates are no longer valid unless they are of a new encoded type that the Nigerian authorities are currently issuing. People who have been vaccinated in Nigeria need to exchange their old certificate for a new one, or to be revaccinated, and we have already had to re-vaccinate several Nigerian travellers here in London.

More information here.

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