Ile Soleil projects re-launch in new look


(Posted 13th September 2013)

Following extensive examinations on the initial plans for the development of the Isle Soleil, with particular emphasis on tourism projects, was a new version launched a few days ago, which includes stakeholder input after taking advice and critique on board. Following the formal introduction of the project last year, which was reported here, a time out was agreed when a flood of comments and observations were made at stakeholder meetings and in public forum, compelling the promoters to go back to the drawing board with the aim to improve the various aspects of the development.

Barry Faure, who is also the Chairman of the Seychelles Tourism Board, announced the changes which include setting more land aside for tourism purposes, extending the lease period up to 99 years and introducing a new policy on the development of villas among other incentives the government put in place.

New tender documents are now available from the Seychelles Investment Board and the closing deadline for proposals has been set for the 02nd December. A major marketing campaign towards that date will be launched in early October to allow for enough time for potential investors to make their own studies before committing to the project in earnest. More details can be access via the following web link which outline the Seychelles’ government plans to make more reclaimed land available to meet the development needs over the next two to three decades:

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