Kampala’s dining out scene gets ever more competitive


(Posted 20th September 2013)

The game clearly is on between the Kampala Serena and the Sheraton Kampala, and it is the customers who can enjoy the fruits of such competition in the food and beverages sector, as new ideas and new themes seem to be springing up almost every month.

For the Sheraton this time it is a quick Friday curry lunch, a pint included, which at 35.000 Uganda Shillings offers excellent value for money, considering free and secure parking is thrown in for good measure and parking is, normally anyway, always available.

At the Serena it is the upcoming 51st independence anniversary which at the end of this month will make the culinary highlight, with a sumptuous buffet and stage entertainment thrown in for good measure, and while drinks on this occasion will be extra free parking too is thrown in for guests.

It is for many Kampaleans the quality of food and service which matters the most today, now that plenty of choices in terms of restaurants are available across the city, but looking at the packed Lakes Restaurant at lunch time at the Kampala Serena or the Terrace Grill Restaurant at the Sheraton, quod erat demonstrandum comes to mind as far as the market leaders are concerned. ‘When you look at the main e-Guides for Uganda, first and foremost of course The Eye (www.theeye.co.ug) or Guide2Uganda (www.guide2uganda.com) you see a whole lot of new restaurants which have come up over the past years. Kampala is not quite yet on the level of Nairobi but for sure we have been catching up. Different ethnic cuisine, different settings, a lot of outdoor scenarios with patios and verandahs make use of our good weather. Kampala has arrived though some of the hotels still have to improve on service and presentation of food. But generally we can now hold our own in East Africa and that is a lot of progress since the last 10 years’ said an F&B Manager preferring to remain unnamed for, in his words, ‘applauding the industry instead of just singing our own praise’. Well spoken anyway and the truth it is. Time to visit the Pearl of Africa.

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