The Octoberfest comes to Nairobi this weekend


(Posted 20th September)

Twelve different types of beer should be enough to still anyone’s thirst one would hope and those doing pilgrimage to this year’s Octoberfest venue in Nairobi are sure to find out which one tastes the best.

The three day drink, food and music festival, inspired by the German Octoberfest soon kicking off in Munich, has become a tradition in Kenya where a large German expatriate community takes every opportunity to bring the ‘Heimat’ to their country of residence, first and foremost of course the beer festivals.

Organized by ‘Brew Bistro and Lounge’ the Nairobi event is without doubt the biggest in East Africa though across the region will hotels and restaurants traditionally host similar events.

The festival will take place at the KRFUA Impala Ground in Nairobi and an impressive artist lineup has been confirmed to this correspondent by a regular society gossip source in Nairobi.

★ Friday 20th September: ‘Battle of the Rock Bands’ Featuring over twelve rock bands!!

★ Saturday 21st September: WYRE, Victoria Kimani, Sautisol, ‘Cindy’ representing UG, Peter Miles from UG, Deejay Creme and of course DjProtegeKenya!!

★ Sunday 22nd September: Denise Gordon, Kidum, Different Faces Jazz Club, Eric Wainaina and the hot team of The Electrique DJs &The Beat Parade Band

Apparently though is the good ol’ German ‘Umptatah’ music played by the traditional bands absent, the organizers preferring the more contemporary music enjoyed by Nairobeans – going with the times it seems.

For those keen to go, tickets are available on line and more particulars can be accessed via the organizers’ Facebook page

For visitors, do enjoy the beer, food and music and for those there on opening, do let us know if anyone shouts out ‘ohhzapft ischt’. Prosit!

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