A month and counting towards the Seychelles’ Festival Kreol


(Posted 28th September 2013)

The 28th edition of Seychelles’ Creole Festival will take place on the archipelago’s main island of Mahe from October 25th to 31st, turning the spotlight to the unique blend of Creole culture which makes the islands stand out through the beauty of the people, the colour of their traditional dresses, the spicy taste of their food and the swingy sounds of their music. Festival Kreol, though now rivaled by the success story of the Carnaval de Carnivals, the Carnival International de Victoria, has for long been the archipelago’s most important cultural festival, showcasing life on the islands from its sunniest side to a growing number of visitors who come from around the world to witness this colourful spectacle.

Visitors from Africa can travel by Kenya Airways via Nairobi or Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa – which requires a Yellow Fever inoculation certificate on arrival – or with Air Seychelles / Etihad or Emirates from their hubs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively. The no Visa policy of the Seychelles provides an open invitation to visitors from around the world, and in particular travelers from the African mainland will appreciate that for once they are welcome with no added questions asked. A range of accommodation, from the world’s most expensive according to a recent web survey – this being North Island – to very affordable bed and breakfast or self catering establishments will make sure that tourists can come to the Seychelles almost irrespective of the budget they have.

Details on accommodation can be found via the main Seychelles Tourism Board website www.seychelles.travel and through the links to Seychelles Secrets (www.seychellessecrets.com) and other affordable options of where to stay via www.seychelles.travel/en/plan_your_visit/budget_holiday_accommodation.php#

The Seychelles, in the words of their Minister of Tourism and Culture Alain St. Ange at a recent conference in Reunion, are friends with all and enemies of none, ready to welcome visitors from anywhere but especially from Africa to which the archipelago geographically and politically belongs … See you soon in the Seychelles, Another World.

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