SKAL 2015 Congress heading to Mombasa


(Posted 02nd October 2013)

Breaking news from America, where the annual Skal International Congress is now underway, tell the story of solidarity and support for Kenya following the harrowing events of a week and a half ago. The Kenyan delegation at the event has against some odds gotten the thumbs up to their proposal to host the 2015 Skal International Congress at the beach in Mombasa and delegates gave them the votes to make this long harboured dream a reality.

In the past has Kenya hosted the Executive Committee of Skal International at the prestigious Mount Kenya Safari Club and even given the world a Skal International President through Tony Clegg-Butt, but few could envisage that Kenya would one day really host this prestigious global event.

Tourism marketers will be swift, or so it is hoped, to build on this vote of confidence and tell the world that if Skal has confidence in Kenya, comprising of the global who is who in tourism, hospitality and aviation, then surely can their companies have confidence too and sell Kenya like never before.

Congratulations to the bid team from the Skal Clubs of Kenya, both Nairobi and Kenya Coast and their bid winning presentation and convincing arguments made before the vote.

See you all in Mombasa in October 2015, for some true Skal fun and to hear the South American chants of ‘Esse, Kay, Ay, Elle’ with which they normally announce their presence in the room. Congrats to all involved and a big pat on the back.

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