Kampala City Festival organizers hope for sunshine on Sunday


(Posted 03rd October 2013)

Following some heavy rains in recent days will all Kampaleans, led by the Kampala City Council Authority’s CEO Jennifer Musisi, pray for sunshine come this Sunday, when the second edition of the Kampala City Festival will go underway. Spread across the city centre, from the Watoto Church to Kitgum House at the main Jinja Road intersection, will a fun fair unfold from 9 in the morning until late in the evening.

Security measures across the city have already been stepped up and ‘the boys in blue’ will never be far, some visible in uniform and others in plain clothes, to ensure the festival can take place without interruption.

Leading artists from Uganda will perform and a carnival style parade hopes to thrill spectators, who can then still hunger and thirst from the many food stalls put up by restaurants from the city, which will play their part to keep the crowds fed and watered.

Launched last year alongside the country’s 50th Golden Jubilee Independence Day celebrations, the festival was considered such a success that the city administration, as well as tourism stakeholders, felt it should become an annual event ahead of the country’s Independence Day on 09th October. May the sun shine on you all!

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