News from Nkuringo tell of new facilities


(Posted 04th October 2013)

The Nkuringo Gorilla Camp has confirmed that the new block of washrooms, set adjoining to the Virunga Terrace rooms, is now fully functional, the electric hot water boilers included. Rob Brierley, one of the proprietors, has over the past few weeks been setting up the electrical connections and installed two new generators, one of them for back up, able to have the water heaters charge up at once.

Mains installations by the national electricity company have reportedly also been completed in the entire village of Nkuringo, the Gorilla Camp included, and everone is now waiting to have the line go live, expected according to the latest information from Nkuringo by November this year.

The camp management also confirmed that over and above the planned family cottage two more cottages will now be added as the demand for more upmarket accommodation has been growing faster than the demand for the more modest Lazy Camping option or the Virunga Terrace rooms, which are not self-contained.

Recent articles about a visit to this part of south western Uganda were published here under the titles Nkuringo Rising ( and Lake Mutanda comes of Age ( for further reference before visits to this scenic part of The Pearl of Africa.

Check out or for more details on location, facilities, available hikes as well as rates and bookings.

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