Kampala City Festival gets support from Rift Valley Railways


(Posted 05th October 2013)

Rift Valley Railways will on the occasion of the Kampala City Festival this Sunday offer a special commuter service to bring people into the centre of Kampala, with four trains operating from Namanve, via Bweyogerere and Namboole into the main railway station on Jinja road. The first such train, according to information received, will leave Namanve station at 08.30 in the morning, and as the festival in the city kicks off at 9 in the morning, it will be ample time for revelers to reach the city.

In the evening trains will leave the main railways station to return on the same route to Namanve.

RVR has in the past operated special commuter services for matches of the Uganda Cranes football team, in particular for World Cup and African Cup of Nations qualifiers and the offer was warmly received by the Executive Director of the Kampala City Council Authority Jennifer Musisi who said: ‘Our intention is to make this festival safe and memorable for everyone. We anticipated the event might create some traffic problems so the train service comes in very handy. Last year, the festival event attracted over 40,000 people and this year we expect an even bigger crowd. We believe the train services, will not only help us reduce the traffic jams it will also help us generate a lot of excitement’.

An RVR spokesperson was in the same context quoted saying: ‘We are pleased to offer our transport services to support this major Kampala event and to help reduce traffic congestion which is always a major issue at events of this magnitude. We will be screening passengers at both stations and are working very closely with police and other intelligence organs to ensure all security concerns have been addressed’.

A one way ticket will cost a mere Uganda Shillings 1.500 per person or the equivalent of about US Cents 60, compared to not only a multiple of that by road but also the ensuing traffic jams as the entire city centre of Kampala will be blocked for traffic from the crack of dawn till midnight, making major detours necessary for anyone who has to traverse the city. Time for celebrations this Sunday in the heart of the city of Kampala.

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