Local folklore night set to introduce local myth to visitors of Reunion


(Posted 09th October 2013)

Reunion’s history and folklore are coming to life in a presentation, jointly sponsored by Reunion’s Tourism Office and Maison Carrere, depicting and narrating the story of local mythical figure ‘Gran Mer Cal’. On the 26th of October will an evening performance give visitors to La Reunion, as well as the local community, the opportunity to learn more about the myths and legends which have evolved over the centuries.

Gran Mer Kal’ has been described as a mythical figure of the island of La Reunion, a character associated with slavery and legend has it that his wandering soul haunts the west coast of the island of La Reunion. It is also according to local lore associated with the Piton de la Fournaise, the active volcano on the island.
Reunion’s local Tourist Office North and Carrère House have come together to bring the stories to life reviving the legend of the mythical character who marked the Reunion Island: ‘Gran Mer Kal’.

Between stories and songs, visitors to the performance will discover the history of the local lore and myths, which have been making the rounds for many generations on the island. Visitors will also have free access to the exhibition rooms of Carrere House and be offered snacks in the interval of the presentation. The full programme is available through the Reunion Intercommunal Tourism North office’ website www.lebeaupays.com where also bookings can be made.

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