Reunion woos German travel agents


(Posted 09th October 2013)

Reunion Tourism has launched a new online training option for German tourism professionals through their office in Frankfurt, partnering in the exercise with Lux* Resorts and the island’s own airline Air Austral.
This training is divided into two modules. The first part will cover the preparation for the journey to the island of La Reunion, providing step by step practical information on the destination and explaining the unique selling points across the island. Also part of this segment is the screening of the promotional film of Reunion Tourism.

In the second module are details given describing the different regions of the island of La Reunion and what tourist visitors can expect to find in terms of attractions, accommodation and other important details. At the end of each session, participating travel agents are asked to answer a questionnaire summarizing the points presented to them during the webinar.
A trip for two to the island of La Reunion can be won by a lucky participant of the webinar who has successfully completed the online training before but no later than 30th November this year. This winning trip is sponsored by Air Austral and LUX * Resorts, both of which have impressed this correspondent during a recent visit to Reunion. Visit for more details on the destination or look up and .

Connections to La Reunion from Germany have to route via Paris CDG from where Air Austral flies presently 12 times a week with B777 aircraft to St. Denis, the capital of the French region of La Reunion.

Reunion is part of the Vanilla Island Organization which was formally incorporated in September alongside a UNWTO Conference on Sustainable Tourism for Small Islands.

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