WTA anticipation reaches fever pitch levels


(Posted 09th October 2013)

Kenya’s tourism industry is counting down towards the evening of the 16th of October, when in a gala ceremony in Nairobi the 2013 winners of the coveted World Travel Awards will be announced.

Speculation is rife among the nominees, not only from Kenya but from around Africa, as the African winners will be announced in Kenya’s capital city next week.

Inside information however has it that the winners have already been notified of their success, while those who have not heard yet from the WTA organizers will perhaps still harbour some hope that the email has ended up in their Spam filter, against the odds that is.

Kenyan companies expect to take the lion’s share of this year’s podium positions, as the quality of nominations has been termed ‘exceptional and outstanding’ by a source close to the award organizers, suggesting that the race for leadership in African tourism continues unabated to the benefit of discerning travelers who, spoiled for choice by a range of top safari destionations on the continent are looking to get the best their money can buy.

Be sure you watch this space as the winners will be announced right here during the ceremony in Nairobi on Twitter and later that night in greater detail for the benefit of our readers.

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