Rwandan hospitality and tourism delegation in Nairobi for a working visit


(Posted 10th October 2013)

Members of the Rwanda Hospitality Association and the Tourism Chamber are presently in Nairobi, where they started a counterpart visit to get acquainted with standards of operation and a range of other details, aimed to align Rwanda’s hospitality industry to the level of regional industry leader Kenya.

At the start of the visit yesterday evening did the Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers welcome their guests at the Stanley Hotel in the heart of Nairobi, where cocktails allowed for visitors and hosts to get acquainted with each other and form crucial business relationships besides getting to know each other and the who is who of Kenya’s tourism sector who were invited.

Rwanda has been keen to lift standards through increased training but also through the adoption of the common East African standards for hotel grading and classification, which the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Department has implemented progressively over the past two years.

Notably have both countries abolished work permit requirements for their respective citizens, allowing Kenyans to work in the sector in Rwanda while Rwandans are able to work and gain experience in East Africa’s most vibrant tourism destination. Recent trilateral meetings between the heads of state of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have also resulted in the Kenyan and Rwandan tourism sectors taking a fresh look at the growing range of opportunities which are now emerging and where the two hospitality sectors, and in fact tourism sectors in general, can cooperate more closely yet towards promoting the region as a single destination with many unique attractions.

The working visit will continue until this Saturday 12th October, giving ample time for field visits and other activities. Karibuni Kenya!

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  1. Experience is always the best teacher, allowing such will help the tour services all over the region to be at the same starndard hence making it easy for the operation of one regional Visa since the hosts have equall confidence about their services.

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