RwandAir’s raffle prize winners get free stay at the Kigali Serena


(Posted 13th October 2013)

Charles Muia, General Manager of the Kigali Serena Hotel and Country Manager for Serena Hotels in Rwanda, took no time to announce that Kigali’s finest hotel will be happy to host the winner of two business class tickets from Juba to Kigali for a weekend, access to the acclaimed Maisha Spa included.

The Kigali Serena has for long been partnering with RwandAir, including the joint launch of the respective loyalty cards for both companies in Kigali last year at the Kigali Serena Conference Centre, besides joint marketing activities benefitting both airline and the hotel.

In fact Charles topped his first gift when RwandAir announced that they will be flying Miss World South Sudan 2013 Ms. Modong Manuela Mogga to Kigali for a promotional activity, by offering her a complimentary stay too to the applause of everyone in the room.

(Modong Manuel Mogga captured on camera outdoors without the crowd indoors constantly mobbing her to shake hands and get a glimpse)

Charles, when asked about this generous gesture, commented that it was simply good business practice for Kigali’s leading hotel to partner with the national airline on such events and that the promotional value generated by such ‘donations’ was not to be underestimated. True that is as one of the winners is a travel agent, where in fact her stay will double as a fam trip at the same time, putting the entire range of Serena properties into the frame, while the presence of Miss World South Sudan 2013 will bring the media spotlight in Kigali on to the Serena, again generating goodwill and bringing patrons to the hotel.

A traditional warm welcome to The Land of a Thousand Hills for the beneficiaries it will no doubt be when they step off the plane at Kigali’s International Airport sometime over the coming weeks.

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