KQ’s new B777-300ER to introduce WiFi, better seats and more


(Posted 15th October 2013)

When Kenya Airways’ latest addition to their growing fleet, a Boeing B777-300ER arrives in just about three weeks from now, it will bring with it a range of new features and innovations hitherto unheard of in Africa. A sneak preview allowed some insight into the new features, ready to share them before passengers will actually be able to enjoy them once the aircraft will enter commercial service.

First and foremost and a top priority for many frequent travellers, will be inflight connectivity as KQ is launching with the new bird a new age with ‘Sky Surf’. The system is set to come on line once the aircraft reaches 10.000 feet altitude and switches off prior to landing once the descent takes the bird below that flight level. All portable devices, lap tops, tablets, iPads and smart phones can capture the signal and USB charging ports are available at every seat in the new aircraft to ensure that those who have to be on line will not run out of battery time during a long haul flight for instance to China.

Both business class and economy class will get a completely new line of seats installed, in economy giving a double recline with back rest and seat moving in opposite directions to create the feeling of more space while a passengers rest. In business class though KQ has outdone itself and managed to better an already award winning cabin layout by introducing the latest technology flat bed seats, wider and longer than the present generation in use across the long haul fleet. Storage spaces are available for shoes, magazines and even laptops, each seat features a universal power port besides the USB port, and a 15.4 inch high resolution TV touch screen to watch the latest in films, series and sports while on board.

The 400 passengers this bird will carry, 372 in economy and 28 in business, are for sure in for the ride of their lives when they take to the air from Nairobi come mid November.

This is no doubt a harbinger of things to come when from March next year the airline will begin to take delivery of the B787 Dreamliner, an aircraft which for a while had bad press but has since gotten out of the headlines and started to deliver on up to 20+ percent fuel savings and very much better passenger comfort. Kenya Airways, The Pride of Africa. Watch this space for breaking and regular news from East Africa’s aviation scene.

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