Groundbreaking in the offing for rail and airport projects


(Posted 19th October 2013)

Information received while in Nairobi has suggested that two of Kenya’s future looking infrastructure projects may still break ground before the end of the year.

One will be for the work on the extension of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where Project Greenfield aims to create a brand new state of the art mega terminal and build at last a second runway, which when complete will permit continued operation of flights in case of an incident on the presently single runway. In the past have several such cases led to closure of JKIA and diversion of flights to Mombasa, Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam and Entebbe, a nightmare scenario for airline managers as it leads to days of delays trying to play catch up.

The second major project coming up for a ground breaking ceremony is the planned standard gauge railway, for which Kenya sourced the finance during the recent visit by President Kenyatta to China and which is supported by Uganda and Rwanda too, with both countries seeking to extend such a standard gauge railway from the border in Malaba to Kampala, the Rwanda border and then on to Kigali.

The urgency is testament of the governments will to get such projects off the ground and alongside create jobs during the construction phase and spur economic growth. Watch this space for upcoming confirmations of dates and venues for the ground breaking.

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